Minimal Photography Awards 2023 – Winner – Silver in the „Arcitecture“ Category

„Water Towers“


I am very happy about the success of my series „Water Towers“ at this year’s awards. It’s a special honor, especially when you consider the overall quality of the submitted works. Nevertheless, it’s also a confirmation for me to stick to projects like these, even though the effort behind a series like this is enormous. You can see the entire series and many other overhelming projects here Minimal Photography Awards 2023.

Serie discritption: 

„Most of the towers were constructed in the 1970s to accommodate the rising water consumption, but many are now obsolete and have already turned into relics. While the purpose remains consistent, the architecture of these structures couldn‘t be more varied.“

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Sony World Photo Awards 2022 - Open - Landscape - Shortlisted

"Solar Sea"

I´m absolutely happy that my picture „solar sea“ is part of the shortlisted pictures of this years Sony World Photo Award. It is an incredible achievement for me to reach that in this year again.

„I was overwhelmed by this new generation of solar panels. immediately i saw the association with a sea that now supplies us with energie, instead of food.“

Please take some time and vistit the official Website and take a look at all that brilliant pictures and series of the awards.

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